Shoulder roasts come from the upper shoulder while picnic roasts come from the lower shoulder.

Did you know?

  • Although shoulder meat is tough, slow cooking it over low heat makes it more tender.
  • Many types of boneless and bone-in roasts are available in the meat section. Some roasts are cut from the end of the ribs, others from the middle of the loin as well as from the back of the sirloin. These pieces of meat are usually roasted uncovered in the oven, but they can also be braised.
  • After searing the roast in oil, cook it uncovered in a bit of liquid. Only the picnic shoulder roast should be slow-cooked, because the meat is tougher. For example, picnic shoulder is a great cut for pork roast with potatoes.
  • The shoulder is also used to make the popular dish of pulled pork.



  • Shoulder roasts are popular in Quebec and can be found in any grocery store.