Bacon comes from the hog’s side (belly).

Did you know?

  • The white part of artisanal bacon is often thought to be fat because it is thicker than the pinkish part, but it is meat. The lack of sodium nitrite gives the meat its whitish colour.
  • Bacon loses 70% of its weight in water and fat once cooked.
  • Back bacon, also known as peameal bacon, or Canadian bacon in the U.S., is a lean cut from boneless loin. It is more similar to sliced ham than bacon in terms of appearance and taste. You can ask for this cut at the deli counter.



  • You can buy pre-cut bacon at the grocery store or have your butcher slice it to your preferred thickness.



  • Lardons come from unsliced bacon that is cut into cubes, thin strips or matchsticks.