Pork is not a healthy choice


Pork is a healthy meat that contains no added growth hormones as their use is prohibited for Canadian pork production. Quebec pork is also free of pathogens, antibiotic residue and other contaminants. Pigs are fed an all-natural diet consisting mainly of cereals such as corn, barley and soybean, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements for optimal nutrition.

Quebec pork is widely available in grocery stores


You can find the Le porc du Québec logo at all major supermarkets.  However, it is important to know that grocery stores are responsible for managing their supply directly with processing companies and for labelling the meat with the Le porc du Québec logo. It is therefore possible that not all Quebec pork sold in stores is identified as such. If in doubt, ask your butcher.

The pork industry is harmful to the environment


The pork industry is subject to strict environmental regulations. Various measures have been implemented, particularly to reduce odours and any risk of water contamination. Improvements in husbandry practices ensure that sustainable development remains a central focus for this industry.


There are a lot of different cuts of pork


With more than 30 different pork cuts to choose from, there one to satisfy every taste. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is a perfect cut of pork for every occasion. Try something new by asking your butcher for one of the more unconventional cuts. Your taste buds will love you for it!

Pig farmers are always concerned for their animals’ welfare


Throughout the supply chain, animal welfare is at the heart of our activities. These include ensuring pigs have enough space to move around, providing them with accessories to enrich their environment, adjusting the temperature of their pens for optimal comfort, etc. In Quebec, processing facilities are located throughout the territory, allowing for shorter transportation times, which benefits both the animals and the environment.


Quebec pork is both produced and processed in Quebec. Quebec pork must meet very high quality standards in terms of food safety, traceability and animal care.

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