Quebec-owned family businesses generate 38,000 jobs throughout Quebec.

From Farm to Table

By choosing Quebec pork in grocery stores, you’re helping to create jobs and contributing to our collective wealth. From the farm all the way to your table, you’re supporting local farmers, carriers and processors, which allows you to enjoy a local product that meets the highest quality standards thanks to the outstanding work of Quebec pig farmers.

Quebec Supply Chain

  • Farmers

  • Carriers

  • Processors

  • Supply chains

  • Consumers

Environmentally Conscious Farming

Thanks to the continued efforts of our farmers, Quebec pork is now regarded as having the lowest carbon and water footprints in the world—setting the trend for low impact husbandry.

  • Water consumption is 45%1 lower than the average of the top five pork exporting countries (United States, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Canada).

  • We are the only pig farming organization to publish a corporate social responsibility report in compliance with UN food and agriculture guidelines.

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of pig farming in Quebec is 25%2 below those of the top five pork-exporting countries. More specifically, Quebec pig farming produces 3.70 kg CO2 eq./kg of pork carcass.

  • According to an Our World in Data study of 119 countries, pig farming produces 7.6 kg of GHG emissions per 100 g of protein compared to other agricultural farming activities such as beef (49.9 kg), lamb (19.9 kg) and milk (9.5 kg).

Almost 100%

of pigs farmed in Quebec are processed in the province. They therefore retain their full added value and generate even more benefits for the local economy.

3,7 billion

in annual economic benefits for Quebec generated by the hog sector.

80 countries

import Quebec pork products, including the United States and Japan. Our industry’s high standards ensure its meat has high sanitary quality and access to the most demanding importing countries.

Helping the Cause

Food Insecurity

Pig farmers are involved in their community. In 2017, Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec donated $20,000 to Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ), followed by $25,000 per year until 2022. To help during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization stepped up and donated $133,000 to the FBQ as part of the “On s’épaule” campaign.

The know-how of local farmers

In Quebec, pig farming is still a family-based affair across its 1,422 farms, with the know-how of their 2,549 farmers respected worldwide. In fact, Quebec production standards are among the strictest in the world for traceability, food safety and animal welfare. Our farmers take animal welfare very seriously.

Even with this success, we are proud to say that the hog industry is constantly evolving thanks to the ongoing emergence of new technologies.

Fullof benefits

Not only is Quebec pork delicious, its high-quality protein makes it an excellent meat choice.

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