Cubes are generally used for skewers and come from the tenderloin, leg (inside round) or loin. Cubes from the leg or shoulder can be used for stews and other slow-cooked recipes.

Did you know?

  • Cubes don’t need to be marinated, but this step adds flavour and preserves moisture during cooking.
  • For skewers and stews, use 2.5–4 cm (1–1 ½ in.) cubes.
  • For souvlaki or dishes that require smaller cubes, opt for a size of 2–2.5 cm (¾–1 in.).
  • For a tender, flavourful taste, stewing cubes should be gently simmered. Brown them first in a bit of hot oil, season and cover with an aromatic liquid such as wine, beer, broth or seasoned water.



  • Pork cubes are easy to find in grocery stores. You can also buy a tenderloin, leg or loin and cut your own cubes.