Ground pork

Ground pork is made from boneless, rindless pork—almost any part of the animal can be used.

Did you know?

  • Tender and very tasty, its fat content must meet the same government grading standards as for other ground meats: extra-lean (less than 10% fat), lean (less than 17%), medium (less than 23%) and regular (less than 30%).
  • Ground pork is a great alternative to ground beef. Ground pork is less expensive and is produced according to the same strict production rules as ground beef.
  • It’s important to work the meat quickly while making things like meatballs, burgers, meatloaves and stuffing, as the meat will lose some of its tenderness if you handle it for too long.


  • You can find ground pork easily at any grocery store. If you cannot find ground pork in the meat section, you can ask the butcher to make it.