The rack comes from the loin, specifically the part where the ribs are located (end and middle of the ribs).

Did you know?

  • Crown roast is created by joining pieces of the rack. Ask your butcher to prepare it for you and let them know you want a pork crown with the fat removed, bones in, cleaned and cut between each bone at the bottom of the ribs.
  • Don’t remove the thin layer of fat from the ribs, as it will keep the meat tender while cooking.
  • To cut a rack of pork, lift it by the ends of the bones to see where to put your knife—cut servings along the bone and you’ll easily get equal pieces.


  • Rack of pork is easy to find in grocery stores. If you can’t find it in the meat section, feel free to ask the butcher. However, a crown roast should be ordered advance.