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Za’atar Pork Ear Chips and Hummus

3 hours Cook time 20 minutes Prep time 12 servings


Hummus ingredients

Pork ear chips ingredients


On the stove

  1. Purée chickpeas, sesame paste, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil in a food processor. Season to taste and set aside.

Pork ear chips preparation

  1. In a pot, bring water, salt, baking soda, thyme, oregano and bay leaves to a boil. Add pork ears and simmer for 3 hours. Use a spoon to skim off foam periodically. Remove pork ears and carefully pat dry with paper towel.
  2. Preheat deep fryer to 190 °C (375 °F).
  3. Fry pork ears for a few minutes until crispy. Watch out for oil splatter. Try to use a fryer with a lid.
  4. Remove chips using a skimmer, and place on paper towel. Sprinkle with salt and za’atar. Using a chef’s knife, cut ears lengthwise into 3 pieces.
  5. Serve fried pork ear chips with hummus.
  6. Accompagner les oreilles frites de l'hummus.

Nutritional value (per serving)

  • 218 calories
  • 10 g of protein
  • 16 g of fat
  • 10 g of carbohydrates
  • 2 g of fibre
  • 2 g of sugar
  • 1760 mg of sodium
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