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Grilled Tandoori Pork Kidney Skewers

15 minutes Cook time 15 minutes Prep time 6 servings


Tandoori marinade


On the BBQ

  1. In a bowl of water, let skewers soak for at least 1 hour.
  2. Using a grinder or mortar, grind cumin, coriander and cardamom seeds to a powder. In a bowl, whisk all ground spices and oil together and set aside.
  3. Using a paring knife, cut the kidneys in half lengthwise. Remove fat in the centre and cut each half into 8 chunks.
  4. In a pot, bring water and vinegar to a boil. Blanch kidneys for a few minutes. Using a skimmer, remove, rinse under warm water and drain.
  5. In a bowl, pour marinade over kidneys and marinate for 1 hour in the fridge.
  6. Preheat barbecue to high.
  7. Thread kidney chunks on the skewers and season with salt and pepper.
  8. Grill skewers, 1 minute on each side, and then transfer to indirect cooking. Continue cooking with the lid closed for 5 minutes.
  9. Serve hot mini-skewers with lime quarters.
  10. The tandoori marinade can be replaced with 60 mL (4 tbsp.) of store-bought tandoori paste.

Nutritional value (per serving)

  • 234 calories
  • 12 g of protein
  • 18 g of fat
  • 8 g of carbohydrates
  • 3 g of fibre
  • 1 g of sugar
  • 64 mg of sodium
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